Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

I'm grateful !!! [Compliment]


It's nice to meet you all again after the las time I was posting things. Right now when I'm writing this, It's exactly the period of final exam of the second semester. Woah, times flies so fast, I didn't realize I will be in the second grade. Wish me luck on these exam. 

So... realizing how comes times flies by so fast, I came to this mind about how many people contributes in my life that's really helpful. I'm, of course, so grateful. So, yeah, I want to thank to these people that makes me, me right now, to become who I really is. 

First is, of course, my family. Mom, dad and my younger brother. Welp, the younger bro didn't help me a lot tough, ups, no, I mean, he's a little helping me, um, I'm sorry. Ah, I want to thank my beautiful mother who always protesting things on the weekend.  She always pray for me, cook for me, handing me delicious lunch for school, searching a lot of money, and motivating me everyday. Thanks mom! Because of you now I can be like this... and, dad! He's helping me so much lately, he drive me off to school, pray for my exams and things, the thing is, I really grateful for my family!
Foto Kukuh Fadli.
So yeah this is my family~
Second after that~ I'm thankful for people who's surrounder me in every kind of situation. I want to thank Ismala, Rida, Shalza, Rahma and Syalva who's making me becoming the more better person. I learnt a lot from them, Thankyou! Also my friends on the highschool now, Qori, Nadine, Maisa, Karina, Ruth and so much more, you're all coloring my life, and you're all so kind, I thank you too!!! Oh, and also my teacher from when I'm in elementary till senior high school, thank you, without you all I can't be like this. I'm so grateful.

The third! My favourite idol beside Rasulullah that motivate me the most, BTS or bangtan or bangtansonyeondan, I thank you even if I haven't meet you guys. I remember the day in my junior high school, when I first got my not-remedialed-math exam, BTS motivate me a lot, really reallly thankyou. Ah, I will be the more better person in the future, I swear.
Thankyou, BTS!

That's all to people I want to thank to. Now I'll be back to study and wish me luck! Honestly, there's so much people I want to thank to, but I'm sure it won't be enough to write it here plus I'm in a hurry. Thanks for reading and I thank you to!


Senin, 27 Maret 2017

My Experience : DEWA ATHENA IX !!!

Hi !!! See you again! Back to 'My Experience' after a long time! Now it's the new experience that I had... It's Dewa Athena!!! Do you know about this? Then, check it out!

25 March 2017! It's the date, well, it's 2 days ago. So, I'll tell you what's Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena is, I don't know how to explain this; It's just like an Olympic, Sport competition in SMAN 3. Well, grade 10 and 11 had different day on competiting so we have our own day. One day before 25 March Grade 11 already did their Dewa Athena.For this event every class should have their own jersey so X Science 7 also made it, ours was a navy blue jersey and there's a logo of flying shoe which the meaning was SEPATU GALAKSI, our class awesome name. Well, the jersey was dope.

It's started in the morning, I had many trouble that morning and I remember it clearly, It was 6:30 when I'm about to go with my father to Lapangan Bali, well, Dewa Athena started at 7:00, so we went with our car. Just when the moment we're on the gate of my komplek, there's a problem; someone is graduating so our car couldn't go out of the gate and it was so annoying from me. Time went fast that we were waiting for the line of cars to go on, my dad decided to just went back home and then turned to ride a motorbike. So, yeah, we did that, it was 6:50 and I'm so pissed that I'll be late. For that, I'm messaging Nadine that I'll be late and also with the reason. She told me to just relax, it was just Dewa Athena but I have no choice, yea I'm so in trouble. After a long road and so I'm late for Dewa Athena but you know what? Lapangan Bali wasn't that full of people! So it turned that I'm not late and lot of people is actually late; they come at 8, 10 and else, honestly I'm mad. OK.

So Dewa Athena started about 7:30, we gathered on the Basket field and the MCs, doing their job after that, the game actually started. So our first game was estafet run. Well I'm not playing that, I'm really a coward at running so Adham, Azzam, Nanette and Karina nailed it. They're awesome on running so we won. We cherished it, of course, and those four people took photo with the jersey. After estafer run we have nothing to do, really, I was feeling like a lost child and there's nothing to do. So after that really-wasting-time session, we finally had something to compete, it's girls futsal game, I'm not joining this game, they were Adisha, Adila, Maisa, Nadine and Asyilla. They're also good at playing so they won! This class winning again~ Next game was Tarik Tambang (I honestly didn't know the english of this game) Anddd, this one game, I'm joined it. I like playing this so we gathered and playing the game. We were sooo full of spirit so yea we won again. It was nice, until our next game was boys futsal. This one, I swear, the enemy was strong, from what I heard the enemy was a part of SMPN 2 footbal club in the past so they're no joke. But, Alfari, Azzam, Denis, Rizka and Bayu also doing great! Especially Alfari, honestly he was no joke! He played really cool! They were doing great although we didn't won the game. But, don't know this was my only feeling or not, our spirit was decreased because of the losing. After that the tarik tambang game was played again and I joined again, we lose and my hands was really hurt and red. Well that was okay. So after this game, it's finally time to rest up. 

When it was break time I was gone to BIP alone, hehe, and I'm buying things, food and else, so it was fun. I was eating ice cream on my way to LapBal again, soooo refreshing. I enjoyed my time alone so that was a good time. Time flies by so the game started again, The volleyball game was starting!!! Adisha, Azzam, Raisha, Adila, and Arjun played the game. Volleyball was such a fun and enjoy games, it was good and so many funny moments were captured. Our team was winning againn! It was a happy time. After that the dodge ball game was started, it's for boys, our team losing again, it was fun to watch and it's so agressive. But that's okay. After that game, the next was girl's badminton. Two girls were anticipating, it was Karina and Adila, they looks so exhausted, haha, I felt sorry for them. But they're winning again, it was a though time but looking at the game made me feel so satisfied in some way. So it was good, and that's the last game on that day! Well, we have one more days to go, it's on 1 April 2017. We have to win something! FIghtinngggggg!

X Science 7, We'll winn~

Bye, Thank you!                                                       

Minggu, 26 Maret 2017

Cross Word Puzzle

Hello! Long time no see. Do you know Cross Word Puzzle? Cross Word Puzzle is a game, well it's a bit similiar to scrabble, but, no, this is more fun in some way. So, this morning Miss Wiwin gave us plastic with 100 bottle cap  inside. She said we will do a cross word puzzle, then, we did it! With those 100 bottle cap with alphabet words, we made words from it and pairing it one by one. Well, I'm  working it with Qori, my classmate. So, we made it and we turn it into digital!


1. Something more than ordinary...
2. " I'd fly ... I had wings on my back."
3.  A place where you can see several animals safely...
4. Beautiful place we will gone to after death if we have good deeds...
5. Something you have to answer...
6. The color of sunflower petals...
7. If you spill coffee on your clothes, it'll leave a ... that's hard to clean.
8. Something you can see with your eyes and you can touch it...
9. If you want to start an account, there's ... / requirement to be completed.
10. It's a part of human face (bone)  that help mouth to open.

1. Classical music instrument that is played by the mouth...
2. Full of inovation, ideas and imagination...
3. " There's a generation ... with me and my husband so we have different taste of humor."
4.  Age phase where you can enjoy life free, full of fun since your condition is still fit and active...
5.  Something you can't see...
6.  Chicken giving birth to a/an...
7.  Things detailed about yourself, usually for your ID Card.
8.  If you want to apply for a job, you have to had it.
9.  Many dog usually .... up clothes with their claw for playing or when they're mad.
10. It has so many flavor like strawberry and usually applied on a bread.
11.  " Just be confidence and ... it as what you want!"
12.  " River water ... so fast, you have to be careful."
13.  When it's morning and the air still so fresh, usually there will be a lot of ... on the window.

Well! Try to guess it...! Also, I'm sorry for that annoying little square beside the number, we can't handle it, hehe.

Well then, Thank you!

Kamis, 23 Februari 2017

Nature Around Us

Nature Around Us

                Nature always here, always around human beings and another creature. Nature is the witness of everything happened in this world, maybe also outside this world. Nature have been here around since the first creature was  created. It was here before us, of course, it’s giving us life, we’re also a part of nature. Nature gives everything to us, mentally and physicaly; Happiness, grateful feelings, oxygen that make us keep alive, trees, flowers, mountains that gives our eyes a relaxing feels, and one of the most important thing from nature; We can learn from it.              

                Why we can learn from nature? First, it’s because nature is around us, it’s us, where we belong, where our lives spent to, nature is worldwide, nature is everywhere we lived in. We always learnt from nature, but do you realize what the human beings done to nature all this time? We makes it worse than before; When there’s disaster, don’t blame the nature, it’s us! It’s all because of us, this is the reason why we have to learn more from the nature. It’s already 21st century and we all began to learn, scientists, astronomers, doctors, everyone realized what we had done to the nature. People with genius minds that said they’re inventing technology, didn’t realized what the impact they give to nature before; now began to inventing things more for nature, which is good.  We have to be more consider to nature.            

                Disaster is everywhere; hunger, disease, illness, and everything now, it’s uncontrolled. We can’t just thinking of ourselves, there’s more outside; there is another nature around us, outside us, let’s began for the little thing we can do, put the trash to it’s place, not to be careless with the other creature, animals and plants, being kind to your neighborhood, friends, everyone, everything began with little things. Little changes can lead into big changes around us, we can’t be this careless. We have to make a good team work for the nature, for our next generation, for next century. We can make a good teamwork begins with our family, brothers, sisters, friends, neighborhood, everything is fine. We have to make sure we did our best.

               Nature makes us learn, we have to be consider towards the others, if you’re a smoker don’t smoke in front of the public or in front of children, if you’re a broken-home child then tell it to who’s the one you trust and please had a positive big dreams; there’s always a way from our problems. We have to realize from our deep soul and our heart that we can make the changes for the nature, clear our mind and think what we already done to the nature, then let’s makes the changes together, everything is possible. We can starts from ourselves, such as, creative artists can paint or draw from trash(reuse), scientists can made bio-fuel, companies can start interesting nature event for consuments, leaders can make a speech for their citizen, etc.

               When I’m typing this essay, there may be a family that’s suffered from a war or maybe there’s people enjoying their wealth by spending money to the mall; or maybe when you read this there’s a gunshot that killed a dad because he’s protecting their family. Again, let’s be consider towards each other by learning from the nature, know the impact, think twice for what we’ll going to do with the nature. I, myself can give example of  a plan to makes our nature better,  there’s 15,3 billion trees cut each years, there’s so many possibility of those who cut the trees, maybe branded companies, farmer, entrepreneur, and things. How about to make this provision; if you cut one tree, then plant another 10 seeds of the tree, that way, 15,3 billion trees each years can be replaced with about 137,7 billion trees, to cut the trees, you also have to get the permission from the government with the support of technology.

              Don’t let the day where everyone wears oxygen tube and have to bought it with money and families is struggled to talk because oxygen tube is connected with their mouth happen. Let’s learn more for our nature, for our future.