Kamis, 23 Februari 2017

Nature Around Us

Nature Around Us

                Nature always here, always around human beings and another creature. Nature is the witness of everything happened in this world, maybe also outside this world. Nature have been here around since the first creature was  created. It was here before us, of course, it’s giving us life, we’re also a part of nature. Nature gives everything to us, mentally and physicaly; Happiness, grateful feelings, oxygen that make us keep alive, trees, flowers, mountains that gives our eyes a relaxing feels, and one of the most important thing from nature; We can learn from it.              

                Why we can learn from nature? First, it’s because nature is around us, it’s us, where we belong, where our lives spent to, nature is worldwide, nature is everywhere we lived in. We always learnt from nature, but do you realize what the human beings done to nature all this time? We makes it worse than before; When there’s disaster, don’t blame the nature, it’s us! It’s all because of us, this is the reason why we have to learn more from the nature. It’s already 21st century and we all began to learn, scientists, astronomers, doctors, everyone realized what we had done to the nature. People with genius minds that said they’re inventing technology, didn’t realized what the impact they give to nature before; now began to inventing things more for nature, which is good.  We have to be more consider to nature.            

                Disaster is everywhere; hunger, disease, illness, and everything now, it’s uncontrolled. We can’t just thinking of ourselves, there’s more outside; there is another nature around us, outside us, let’s began for the little thing we can do, put the trash to it’s place, not to be careless with the other creature, animals and plants, being kind to your neighborhood, friends, everyone, everything began with little things. Little changes can lead into big changes around us, we can’t be this careless. We have to make a good team work for the nature, for our next generation, for next century. We can make a good teamwork begins with our family, brothers, sisters, friends, neighborhood, everything is fine. We have to make sure we did our best.

               Nature makes us learn, we have to be consider towards the others, if you’re a smoker don’t smoke in front of the public or in front of children, if you’re a broken-home child then tell it to who’s the one you trust and please had a positive big dreams; there’s always a way from our problems. We have to realize from our deep soul and our heart that we can make the changes for the nature, clear our mind and think what we already done to the nature, then let’s makes the changes together, everything is possible. We can starts from ourselves, such as, creative artists can paint or draw from trash(reuse), scientists can made bio-fuel, companies can start interesting nature event for consuments, leaders can make a speech for their citizen, etc.

               When I’m typing this essay, there may be a family that’s suffered from a war or maybe there’s people enjoying their wealth by spending money to the mall; or maybe when you read this there’s a gunshot that killed a dad because he’s protecting their family. Again, let’s be consider towards each other by learning from the nature, know the impact, think twice for what we’ll going to do with the nature. I, myself can give example of  a plan to makes our nature better,  there’s 15,3 billion trees cut each years, there’s so many possibility of those who cut the trees, maybe branded companies, farmer, entrepreneur, and things. How about to make this provision; if you cut one tree, then plant another 10 seeds of the tree, that way, 15,3 billion trees each years can be replaced with about 137,7 billion trees, to cut the trees, you also have to get the permission from the government with the support of technology.

              Don’t let the day where everyone wears oxygen tube and have to bought it with money and families is struggled to talk because oxygen tube is connected with their mouth happen. Let’s learn more for our nature, for our future.